Background Techniques

Hi all,

Today sharing some little but useful background techniques using some Distress Inks, Heat Embossing and Bokeh technique. Let’s see my three cards,

Let’s start with one by one cards, stats from left to right:

Bokeh Technique: I used 5″x7″ watercolor cardstock and make a distress background using Festive Berries, Picked Raspberry and Spun Sugar inks. For Bokeh Technique you will need stencil (I have used heart die and make own stencil), and any white color pigment ink. Once you achieve desired background, let it dry naturally or you can use heat gun then put your stencil and simple apply white ink over stencil, let it dry as pigment ink takes time to dry naturally (heat gun is fast way to dry). Noe your background is ready. Embellish as per your idea and imagination.

Heat Embossed Background: For this technique you will need washi tape/painters tape, versamark ink, Embossing Powder (any color, any company doesn’t matter) and heat gun. So first cut your base card (i have used normal white cardstock, measures 5″x7″),  and adhere washi tape as per your choice (I did diagonally), and apply versamark over it. Carefully remove all washi tape and sprinkle embossing powder, if you can see any powder over washi tape area then just remove it thru paint brush. Melt embossing powder using heat gun and here you go your background is ready (you can use distress ink instead of Heat Embossing). Embellish as per your idea and imagination.

Distress Ink Background (Starburst Effect): For this gather some supplies like choice of distress ink, masking tape/washi tap and watercolor paper. Make a center of a card and mark with pencil. tear two masking tape bigger than your watercolor cardstock. Put one tape over pencil mark and another over it (basically you need to make triangle shape, narrow or broad as per your like). and start applying distress ink from corner where both tape meet (pencil mark) and go outwards (make sure do not go over tape and for this effect only apply more ink near to mark and less ink outside). Now for next you need to remove tape carefully and put one tape slightly over distress ink background which we just created and then another tape over it and make again triangle. Same way you can go ahead till you reach first color background. Embellish as per your idea and imagination.

I hope this three technique inspire you to make new cards. Please leave your valuable suggestions/view below in comments.

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon with new technique and card till then happy crafting.

Including to below Challenges:




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