Welcome Baby Card


How are you doing today? Today I am sharing a small tutorial about Embossing Paste that I am currently working on. Very Simple CAS card. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.


So Firstly you will need:

  1. Watercolor Cardstock
  2. Embossing Paste & Palette Knife
  3. Stencil (your like)
  4. Ranger Glossy Accent
  5. Die set
  6. Acrylic Block
  7. Distress Ink (Choose your ink color)
  8. Sequins and Embellishment

Now lets start making a card,

Step 1: First take your Watercolor cardstock and Acrylic block. Apply some Distress Ink on acrylic block ( I have used Pickled Raspberry, Dried Marigold and Squeezed Lemonade) and Spray water using mini mister about 2-3 times. Now take your watercolor cardstock and put it over your acrylic block and remove it. Let it dry normally or you can use heat gun. If you need more color you can dab it once again with same procedure.

Step 2: Once you satisfy with your background then use desire stencil and put it over your watercolor cardstock and secure it with masking tape or washi tape. Now start applying Embossing Paste from up to down. Apply a thin coat of Embossing paste and let it dry normally, and you can see that embossing paste is absorbing distress ink, that’s the best properties of Embossing Paste. here do not use heat gun otherwise your embossing paste will start melting and gives you bubbly texture (If you want such kind of texture, you can go ahead. As such its a matter of try and error only… ha ha)


Step 3: Die cut some alphabet (I have die cut “Welcome Baby” as a theme) and embellishment. You can always go ahead with some sentiments or stamp, whatever you like.

Step 4: Decorate as per your project theme (I have here used Ranger’s Glossy Accent to make small bubble, you can see it everywhere on card and on little heart as well). You’re done.

I hope I’ve inspired you and thank you for looking.

You can always send your suggestion by leaving comments.

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