Birthday card using Embossing Paste


Sharing yet another technique using Embossing Paste. A birthday CAS card. Very easy to make and just go wild with your imagination, you could do more than this.


So supplies will need:

  1. Watercolor Cardstock
  2. Embossing Paste & Palette Knife
  3. Stencil (your like)
  4. Embossing Powder (Clear)
  5. Distress Ink
  6. Heat Gun


Step 1: First take watercolor cardstock, apply some embossing paste using desire stencil and when embossing paste is still wet sprinkle Embossing Clear Powder (Or can use color/sparkle powder too). And let it dry by using heat gun. Once Embossing Powder melts it will give shiny look (If used Clear Powder only).

Step 2: Now apply Distress ink, embellishment and stamp to decorate your project.

Step 3. You’re done.


If you want to highlight your background simply do not use anything more than a simple sentiment, that will look more simple and sober card.

I hope I’ve inspired you today. Thank you for looking.

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