Stand Up Circle Birthday Card

Hi everyone,

Hopes that you are doing well as it’s so hot outside. Today sharing this card which I made for my sister in law’s birthday. She was so much happy with this card. Its called “Stand Up Circle Card”.

This card has so much space to write many things, i have decorated each circle which represents her nature and personality.

Have look at the card,

Stand-Up Circle Card

Stand-Up Circle Card 1

Stand-Up Circle Card 2

Stand-Up Circle Card 3

Stand-Up Circle Card 4

i have used many supplies for this card. Many stamps for different company, some personalised sentiments, paper and many more.

Hope you all like this too as much as she liked.

Linking my card to:




5 thoughts on “Stand Up Circle Birthday Card

  1. kripakoushik says:

    What a lovely idea, and so much effort has gone to make it. Glad your SIL liked it. Thank you for sharing this special card with Lulupu.


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